Our Story

PRINCETON BEDS has a 21 year story. Born out of the timber industry supplying bed-basis and timber, to the main players in the bedding industry, up to 700 a day, and manufacturing  a few high quality beds on the side to referred customers, including Hotels and guest houses.The Mattress side of the business grew and grew and soon it was a major part of the business.

As owner, I was traveling 70km to work in JHB every day, (I live in Pta), for the past two decades. During the Covid19 lockdown, I decided  to move the business to Silverton Pretoria, where I opened a REAL Factory shop for beds. Manufacturing in the back and selling WHOLESALE in the front, to normal walk in customers.

We opened  the new factory on 1 August this 2020.

So with 21 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure to get the best product & prices we can give . Wholesale to the public. – And if you don’t get one you want, we will build a mattress for you. On your specs!  Remember, we ARE the factory. Come have a look how we make your bed.

We as the PRINCETON Family,  look forward to meeting you.  


Don't Just throw away an old  "good" quality bed. Bring it in, lets see if we can replace the old foam, and maybe the fabric . A worn out spring, we can do nothing about, but the rest we might be able to replace

It will cost you much less than a new bed.


We manufacture the mattresses and bases on site. Come see how we do it.

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